Rua do Bocage, Lote 32, R/C Dto.
2890-052 Alcochete

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Clínica Veterinária de Alcochete has a surgery room properly prepared to carry out diverse surgical techniques, with an experienced team, with innovative spirit and constantly updated.


We perform regularly, a wide range of surgical interventions, including elective reproductive surgery (sterilizations: ovariohysterectomy and orchiectomy), abdominal surgery (laparotomy), surgery of skin and appendages (abscesses drainage and skin plasty), so as various general surgical procedures.


The locomotor system injuries are very common in our pets, especially in young and geriatric animals. The use of surgical correction of bone or joint problems is increasingly used in the field of veterinary medicine, allowing affected animals a greater movement freedom and consequently, a better quality of life. We have specialist staff in diverse orthopedic surgery techniques.


The ophthalmic surgery is many times the preferred treatment for injuries or diseases that involve vision of our pets. For maximize the recovery of the ocular funcionality, we associate an evaluation to the surgical solutions most appropriate for each case.