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Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine associated with the daily routine care proves to be extremely important in maintaining the health of your horse. For this reason, we advise on the establishment of health plans. These integrate vaccination, deworming and regular dental treatment or when they needed. 


Vaccination aims to promote the development of immune defenses that act quickly and effectively at time that the patient contact with a particular pathogen for which it was protected. In Portugal, vaccine prophylaxis aims to Equine Influenza and Tetanus, two diseases that could be a serious risk to horse health. 


Intestinal parasites are cause of several problems, including weight loss, diarrhea and colic. Thus, to establish an appropriate deworming schedule in conjunction with pasture management, will allow to maintain a low parasite load in horses and their welfare.

Dental Treatments 

Preventive dental care, allow that teeth of your horse remain in good conditions. An horse can’t digest and properly use the food provided if the simple process of chewing hurts. By the other side, they can’t be concentrate in their work if the mouth responds to harness movements, which affect their performance. After examination and diagnosis of existing oral problems, our professionals will implement the necessary treatment to correct them.