Hippiatrica Equine Medical Center


Rua do Bocage, Lote 32, R/C Dto.
2890-052 Alcochete

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Tel: + 351 912 511 346

E-mail: geral@iberovet.com

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IberoVet Equine Veterinary Servicesa has an experienced team, with innovative spirit and constantly updated.


We perform a wide range of surgical interventions, including abdominal surgery (colic), surgery of respiratory tract, reprodutive surgery, so as various general surgical procedures. 

Orthopedic Surgery 

The injuries of the locomotor system (bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments) may affect the use and performance of the horse and, for us, they are an urgency.
We seek to achieve a quick recovery, combining techniques of surgical treatment to physical therapy rehabilitation and medical treatment, which minimizes patient pain and promotes their welfare. 

Arthroscopic Surgery 

Routinely, it is a practice that allowed revolutionize both diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions affecting the joints of the horse. In this context it is often performed arthroscopic removal of the articular fragments (chips). 

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Includes techniques such as Laparoscopy, Tenoscopy and tendons Splitting. Many horses will benefit with this área because performs small surgical approaches, with excellent cosmetic results and less pain associated with the procedure, as well as a faster recovery. 


The ophthalmic surgery is many times the preferred treatment for injuries or diseases that involve vision of our horse. For maximize the recovery of the ocular funcionality, we associate an evaluation to the surgical solutions most appropriate for each case.