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Laboratory Analysis

This tests are, undoubtedly, the complementary diagnosis means most used, especially by the easy implementation and  the information provided, which increase the value of clinical diagnosis.


Allows to assess the blood elements normality and the organs in which they are produced and is fundamental as part of the diagnosis of diverse pets diseases.

Blood biochemistry

Allows to assess the concentration of certain chemicals that are transported by the blood and thus confirm the diagnosis or regulate the treatment response.


Lets make the detection of specific antibodies and / or antigens in blood serum, responsibles for some of the most common diseases in our pets.


The identification of the bacterial agent involved is important to define an appropriate antibiotherapy strategy to the clinical situation.


Allows to identify animals carriers or infected with a particular virus, leading to appropriate therapy.


Allows to assess the parasitic load and to identify the parasites present both externally like internally in pets. 


Allows the diagnosis based on macroscopic and microscopic evaluation of affected tissues.